Vashon Coffee Co. - Ethiopia Gedeb Gotiti Natural

Coffee Origin

Ethiopia, Gedeb

Coffee Species


Coffee Varietal


Coffee Elevation


Coffee Farm/ Producers

Hambela Coffee Estate

Coffee Roasting Date, Roaster

Vashon Coffee Co. - 3/11/19

Coffee Processing


The fragrance of the beans are of strawberry, blueberry compote, marshmallow, alfalfa, bosc pear, peach blossom, freeze dried red grape, summer savory, dried manilla mango, vanillin, and magnolia

The grounds have the fragrance of cranberry, dried cara cara orange, Meyer lemon, strawberry, Marionberry, diametra sugar, tamarind, bing cherry, sandalwood, magnolia, and a meat like fragrance


The aroma is of Blood orange, strawberry, amaranth, white peach, rose hip, Asian pear, sandalwood, alfalfa, bosc pear, red grape, summer savory, dried Meyer lemon, and soil

This is a medium body coffee that is smooth with a verity and syrupy feel but has a slightly sticky coating

This is a mild acidity that is more fruit forward with a wine like tannin to it rather then a complex acidity

The flavors of this coffee are cara cars orange, alfalfa, summer savory, dried goji berry, baby banana, cream, bing cherry, cream of tartar, dried apricot, cocktail lime, and white cranberry.

As it cools notes of tobacco, soil, and a meat like taste come through along with more of a tart citrus flavor like of white grapefruit and hibiscus