Klatch Coffee - Organic Ethiopia Sidama Bombe

Coffee Origin

Ethiopia, Sidama

Coffee Species


Coffee Varietal

Setami & Mickicho

Coffee Elevation

1900 - 2100 M

Coffee Farm/ Producers

co-op - Assefa Dukamo

Coffee Roasting Date, Roaster

Klatch Roasting Co. - 2/21/2019

Coffee Processing


The beans have the fragrance of blackberry, black currant, raspberry, cara cara orange, dried bell pepper, milk chocolate, peach blossom, rye, toasted hazelnut, all spice, wet wood, sesame seed, and toasted red tea

The grounds have the fragrance of boysenberry, black currant, dried raspberry, fresh tobacco, white cranberry, frosted tomato, skyr, white peach blossom, hemp seed, burlap, sesame seed, and soil


The aroma is of damp soil, tobacco, of boysenberry, white cranberry, skyr, white peach, hemp seed, burlap, sesame seed, chervil, wheat germ, dried apricot, all spice, wet wood, bakers cocoa powder and a delicate back hint of coffee blossom

This is a full body coffee that is smooth with a creamy texture engulfing your entire mouth leaving a slight sticky and salivating umami feel

This is a bright and forward acidity coffee that is citric and malic. It’s much like a dry cocktail lime and is sharp, tart and dense with a lingering finish

The flavors of this cup are of boysenberry, milk chocolate, sandalwood, peach blossom, chervil, tobacco, white cranberry, vanillin, burlap, dried apricot, all spice, red apple, Mandelo, pulsasan, brown hon shimgji mushroom and a delicate back hint of coffee blossom sweetness

As it cools the berry develops so much more to a sweetness like of blueberry along with a very creamy flavor like that of mascarpone cheese with that slight acidity also.

AEROPRESS w/ Able filter

The aroma is of green tea, damp soil, dried orange, and hemp seed

The body is mild with more of a tea like consistency but still has a creamy feel

The Acidity is just as high as cupping with more of the citric acid developed and is sharper

The flavor is of mangosteen, cara cara orange, black cardamom, myrth, tart cherry, hibiscus, tobacco, french oak, and cocktail lime

I would recommend this on Aeropress as it brings such a different flavor profile that to me is just a great as it cupped