Coffee Reviews

Stell Coffee & Tea Co - Panama Boquete Cuiriqui

Coffee Origin:

Panama, Cuiriqui

Coffee Species


Coffee Varietal :

Pacamara, Catuai, Geisha, Typica, Maragogype, Yellow Bourbon

Coffee Elevation

4,900 - 5,400 ft

Coffee Farm/ Producers


Coffee Roasting Date, Roaster

Stell Coffee & Tea Co - 7/1/2019

Coffee Processing


The beans have the fragrance of malt, clove, freeze dried blackberry, nori, puffed brown rice, brown sugar, dried orange, hemp heart, hen of the woods mushroom, molasses, black cardamom, and soy sauce

The grounds have the fragrance of blackberry, diametra sugar, burro banana, soy sauce, blood orange, dill, hemp heart, bitter sweet cocoa powder, lemon verbena, Kaffir lime leaf, puffed brown rice, dried gooseberry, and leather


The aroma is of bakers cocoa, brown sugar, hemp hearts, toasted green tea, dried blood orange, brown rice, lemon verbena, fresh tobacco, cork, hazelnut, and toast

This is a medium body coffee that is syrupy with a slick and juicy feel

This is a mild to high acidity coffee that is astringent and has a lingering dirty and unbalanced sharpness

The flavor is of molasses, soy sauce, blood orange reduction, tobacco, carbon, freeze dried blackberry, soil, leather, burro banana, yucca, gray sea salt, long pepper, sundried tomato, and red apple

As it cools the orange develops more along with a vanillin and honeycomb


The aroma is of burlap, black tea, leather, and golden raisin

The body is light with a tea - like consistency and a silky feel

The acidity is low with it still a lingering dirty and bitter note but is more like ash

The flavors of this cup are of ash, black tea, black cardamom, toasted black sesame seed, baked red apple, grilled navel orange and damp wood

Can not recommend this coffee on this method


Klatch Coffee - Costa Rica El Mango

Coffee Origin:

Costa Rica, Tarrazu

Coffee Species


Coffee Varietal

Caturra & Catuai

Coffee Elevation

1650 M

Coffee Farm/ Producers


Coffee Roasting Date, Roaster

Klatch Coffee - 2/9/2019

Coffee Processing

Red Honey

The beans have the fragrance of malt, cinnamon, red apple, bergamot, rose hips, sassafras root, frankincense, dried mango, lilac, black cardamom, pinion seed, and dried blackberry

The grounds have the fragrance of plum, red apple, dried mango, cedar, bakers cocoa powder, frankincense, malt, chia, soil, fresh tobacco, white cranberry, and Buddha’s hand


The aroma id of raspberry, black apple, dried mango, sassafras root, pinion, soil, bakers cocoa, tasted walnut, oak, malt, honey comb, bergamot, sandalwood, and plum

This is a full body coffee that is a thick with a syrupy and sticky feel but is also smooth and very creamy

This is a high acidic coffee that is citrus forward with a very juicy and tart finish

The flavors of this coffee are of tart red apple, cranberry, pomelo, honey comb, dutch process cocoa powder, sandalwood, dried mango, plum, green papaya, Buddha’s hand, roasted hops, hibiscus, with delicate note of vanillin in the back

As it cools nots of cream and freeze dried strawberries develop along with a strong tart citrus note like of pomelo


The aroma is of baked apple, oak, black tea, chicory, prune, orange blossom, and lilac

This is a low acidity with no real tart note nor complexity

The body is very lite with a tea like consistency and a slick and watery feel

The flavors of this coffee are of sandalwood, black cardamom, soil, black walnut, and black tea

There is no distinct flavor notes from being cupped