What is the quest for Buna / Qahwa? The worlds second most sought after item with a daily use of over 2.25 billion cups a day? according to Stefano Ponte in "The Latte Revolution'? regulation, Markets and Consumption the Global Coffee Chain"  in the World Development Vol.30, No. 7, pp.1099-1122, 2002.


No matter where you are in the world, there is one thing you can get and that's coffee. 

From the little caffè in Italy to kaveh kanes in the Arab countries to a coffeehouses in America; every country and continent has it and each have their own customs to serving it and drinking it. Some have regional ways to prepare coffee like Turkish Coffee or the traditional Ethiopian ceremony while others go the their local coffee shop or make it at home.

Coffee in a way is like mankind from its origins in Ethiopia where the Cradle of Life is for humans is found and the way coffee spread across the world is much like our own curiosity to explore our environment. 

As Howard Shultz CEO of Starbucks said 

" We would take something old and tired and common - coffee - and weave a sense of romance and community around it. We would rediscover the mystique and charm that had swirled around coffee throughout the centuries." 

 As I write The Search For The Perfect Cup I am looking into how coffee is grown, sold, roasted, dried, and consumed in my travels around the world to my own neighborhood I will interview coffee owners, roasters, baristas all in a quest for what I know is all dependent on the individual and your tastes but I can show you there is more out there then your daily coffee ritual and give you an apperception to the drink that has caused revolutions and wars but also helped end conflicts, give people jobs and a way life.


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