Kuma Coffee - Colombia La Joya

Coffee Origin:

Colombia, Chachagui

Coffee Species


Coffee Varietal


Coffee Elevation

1950 Meters

Coffee Farm/ Producers

La Joya, Yermi Neyl Pedraza Arias

Coffee Roasting Date, Roaster

Kuma Coffee - 2/5/2019

Coffee Processing


The beans have the fragrance of orange blossom, brown rice, strawberry, camomile, navel orange, golden raisin, lemon verbena, cocoa powder, red sea salt, graham cracker, wheat germ, clay and lilac

The grounds have the fragrance of red plum, cedar, gooseberry, bakers cocoa, pomelo, coriander, jasmine, magnolia, maple flakes, pink lemon, and clay


The aroma is of almond, raisin, dark chocolate, squash blossom, fresh rye, prune, orange blossom, dried marionberry, camomile, navel orange, lemon verbena, wheat germ, clay and lilac

This is a full body coffee that is smooth and thick like syrup with a velvety coating

This is a high acidity coffee that is bright and tart with citric acid but quickly melons out to a juicy and clean sweetness

The flavors of this coffee are of pink grapefruit, red plum, black raspberry, cedar, Arkansas black apple, tamarind, pink lemon, soy sauce, bergamot, sumac, black grape, candied ginger, graham cracker, lilac, and chili mango

As it cools the strawberry along with notes of dried goji develop