Middle Fork Roasters - Brazil Canaan Estate

Coffee Origin:

Brazil, Minas Gerais

Coffee Species


Coffee Varietal

Yellow catuai

Coffee Elevation

1400 m

Coffee Farm/ Producers

Canaan Estate, Sergio and Anita Diaz

Coffee Roasting Date, Roaster

Middle Fork Roasters - 2/5/1019

Coffee Processing

Dry Natural

The fragrance of the beans are of malt, cocoa nibs, walnut, black currant, jasmine, died cara cara orange, kombu, wet oak, cream and light brown sugar.

The grounds have the fragrance of damp earth, malt, hickory, dried bing cherry, kumquat, fresh goat cheese, cocoa butter, and magnolia


The aroma id of damp soil, woods ear mushroom, malt, dried black cherry, mirth, black walnut shell, burnt brown sugar, buckwheat, and chawed orange wood

This is a medium body coffee that is sooth with a velvety forward and tapers off to a rough and sharp finish

This is a low acidity coffee with subtle nuances of alkaline and phosphoric acid. There is some underlying citrus but after its cooled

The flavor of this coffee is of carbon, 100% chocolate bar, black cherry, chicory, kombu, oak, black lime, sour cream, buckwheat, dragons blood, toasted black tea, and dried black grape skin

Back note of sweetness like of a toffee

As it cools notes of marshmallow develop along with subtle hints of lemon and cedar

This bag is sour with it being over roasted and probably a few over ripe beans