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Down Dog Coffee Roasters - Cafe Femenino Peru

Coffee Origin :

Peru, Selva Central

Coffee Species


Coffee Varietal

Typica, Bourbon, Catimor, Gran Colombia, Villa Sarchi

Coffee Elevation

1,000 - 1,800 M

Coffee Farm/ Producers


Coffee Roasting Date, Roaster

Down Dog Coffee Roasters -


Coffee Processing

Washed , Sun Dried

The fragrance of the beans are of golden raspberry, rye, burlap, dried bell pepper, sumac, tasted black walnut shell, bakers chocolate, dried peach, Crenshaw melon, malt, mushroom, wet oak, leather and red grapefruit peel.

The grounds have the fragrance of musk, leather, red grapes, citron, black walnut, cocoa powder, burlap, bosk pear, wheat germ, and white rice


The aroma is of raisin, leather, oak, candied pomelo peel, toasted hazelnut, soil, king oyster mushroom, red miso paste, blue corn, musk, year, posted brown rice, mustard seed and black lime

This is a full body coffee that is creamy with a smooth mouthfeel giving you a silky finish

This is a medium acidity coffee that has a strong malic acid character to it through out with a brief citric acid forward

The flavor is of red grape, pink grapefruit, milk chocolate, toasted walnut, marshmallow, white cranberry, green apple, bell pepper, buckwheat, bosk pear, black current, soil, sandalwood, soy sauce, red miso paste and chia

As it cools notes of the citrus are more forward like of the ping grapefruit and black lime


The aroma of the cup is of is much like if cupped with the rasain more pronounced

The body is is not as smooth and has more of a tea like consistency along with being a little rough

The french press has mellowed out the malic acidity and brought the citrus acidity forward now

The flavors of the cup are of red apple, cranberry, bakers chocolate, black lava salt, cream, tobacco, leather, soil, and pecan