Herkimer Coffee - Drip Blend

Coffee Origin

Honduras, El Cedral & El Cielito 

Coffee Species


Coffee Varietal

Bourbon, Pacas, and Lempira

Coffee Elevation

900 to 1200 m

Coffee Farm/ Producers

5 different producers

Coffee Roasting Date, Roaster

Herkimer Coffee - 2/5/2019

Coffee Processing

washed and sun-dried

The beans have the fragrance of wheatgrass, tart cherry, light brown sugar, dried oyster mushroom, bittersweet cocoa, nugget, magnolia, green papaya, and marshmallow

The grounds have the fragrance of bing cherry, dutch process cocoa powder, subtle hint of jasmine, marshmallow, hint of mesquite wood, preserved lemon, dried red currant, and a trace of free dried raspberry


The aroma is of damp oak, raisins, onyx cocoa powder, almond, cherry blossom, light brown sugar, nugget, magnolia, leather, and fresh tobacco

This is a heavy body coffee that is velvety feel and syrupy but tapers to a slick and juicy creamy feel

This is a bright acidity coffee that is a tart forward with a juicy feel but finishes very dry and lingering

The flavor is of cedar, bittersweet chocolate, tobacco, burnt brown sugar, tart cherry, scorched marshmallow, malt, sun dried tomato, leather, magnolia, preserved lemon, dried red currant, barley, Thoory date, and ponzu sauce

As it cools notes of the cherry develop more along with a vanillin like tase and rose hips