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Coffee Origin: Kenya

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The fragrance of the beans are of cocoa, blackberry, Ceylon cinnamon, chia, alfalfa, rose hips, lemon pine, soil, eggplant, dried raspberry, dried strawberry, goji, and yeast

The grounds have the fragrance of strawberry, blueberry, blue corn, raspberry, pink lemon, bakers chocolate, hibiscus, dried again pear, and cherry blossom 




The aroma is of bakers cocoa, soil, blackberry, raspberry, dried hibiscus, thyme, mirth, sandalwood, blue corn, yeast, wheat germ, bee pollen, loquat, and mangosteen

This is medium body coffee that is very juicy with a sticky coating that is dry

This is a medium acidy coffee that is bright with a delicate malic acid note that finishes it a citrus note


The flavor is of hibiscus, dutch process cocoa, sassafras, blood orange, kaffir lime, marionberry, pink lemon, hops, watermelon pith, green apple, wheat germ, sandalwood, and frankincense

As it cools the hibiscus notes are more developed and forward with a very pleasant note along with bergamot, white cranberry and rooibos tea