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The fragrance of the beans are of bergamot, carbon, blackberry, strawberry, navel orange, chicory, lemon verbena, clove, cherry blossom, nori, rye, burnt sugar, and dried mint

The grounds have the fragrance of marionberry, free dried strawberry, pink lemon, navel orange, chicory, thyme, bakers chocolate, clove, black tea, ash, and damp wood




The aroma of this coffee is of damp wood, marionberry, baked red apple, bergamot, clove, chicory, nori, burnt sugar, black cherry, freed dried blueberry, clove, black tea, cherry, and black cardamom

This is a medium body coffee that has a syrupy mouthful living your mouth sticky and salivating but has the consistency of tea

This is a weak acidity coffee that is lacking any complexity and vibrancy along with and complex notes 


The flavors of this coffee are of dark berry-like of marionberry or blackberry, clove, black cardamom, sumac, oak, vanilla, black tea, allspice, soil, mushroom-like of king or oyster, and 

There is a big umami presence from this coffee and is very unusual form a natural and is quite fascinating 

As it cools the umami note is very prominent with notes of oak, red grape, chicory, cara cara orange and cherry along with that mushroom-like note with the back



The aroma of this cup is of black tea, bergamot, damp wood, and chia seed

The body is medium still that still has a syrupy mouthful  and salivating but has the consistency is more like a chewy coating

The acidity is still low with a little more vibrancy

The flavor of the cup is of  blackberry, cherry, chicory, oak, dried blod orange, and that umami flavor