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Augie’s Coffee Roasters - Colombia Mitaca 73

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Augie’s Coffee Roasters , 11/22/2017

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The fragrance of the beans are of black grape, lilac, burlap, dutch process cocoa, honey suckle, date, black cardamom, malt, raw hazelnut, sandalwood, maple flakes, all spice, cinnamon stick, white grapefruit zest, peach blossom, and cream

The grounds have the fragrance of grilled blood orange, cedar, malt, bittersweet chocolate, white cranberry, rose hip, lilac, raisin, hazelnut, all spice, marionberry, buckwheat, fermented black tea, burlap, and cumin



The aroma is of cream, caramel, molasses, liquid smoke, sandalwood, date, coca nib, velveta

This is a heavy body that is thick like syrup with a velvety feel that lingers through out finishing with a creamy coating

This is a high acidity coffee that is citrus forward that is sharp, tart, and bright. it does mellow out to a juicy and lingering dense feel


The flavor is of Eureka lemon, blood orange pith, cedar, dutch process coca powder, ginger powder, bergamot, oolong tea, again pear, walnut, black cardamom, malt, white bread, and ends with a lavender finish

As it cools notes of raw sugar develop and cream with a subtle note of tangerine and radish



The aroma is just like it being cupped if not more pronounced 

The body is a lot weaker with a tea like consistency or dirty water

The acidity is has been toned down but is still high with more of a astringent citrus note to it and not as tart or sharp

The flavor is of grilled grapefruit and chicory with some adobo but really not much flavor or depth at all