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The Orkney Roastery - Brio

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Kenya, Samburu

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The Orkney Roastery

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The beans have the fragrance of malt, chocolate, bing cherry, alfalfa, dill, preserved lemon, copper, marjoram, and sandalwood

The grounds have the fragrance of preserved lemon, cherry, plum, hibiscus, bakers chocolate, ash, bell pepper, cardamom, marjoram, tobacco, cedar, ragweed, and jasmine




The aroma is of chicory, cherry, marjoram, cedar, black cardamom, dill, raisin, plum, cocoa powder, malt, oak casks, and cork

This is a weak bodied coffee that is more tea-like but does have a creamy and velvety feel with a chewy back note

This is a weak acidity that is soft and juicy with a muted and lingering dirty finish. Its delicate in the way its more floral citrus taste buy more tasting of malic


The flavors are of black cherry, plum, vanillin, oak, cedar, smoked paprika, white grapefruit pith, navel, black cardamom, chicory, ash, marjoram, tobacco, sandalwood, and hazelnut

As it cools notes of soy and navel orange develop along with a grassy note like of dill and a delicate note of prune in the back



The aroma if of fish sauce, mushroom, soil, iodine, and clay

The body is watery and weak the no depth or character. It lacks any  mouth feel

The acidity is almost not there! It's dull, weak, and dirty with an unbalanced structure

The flavors are of corn, hay, soil, dried mushroom powder, wet oak, and a band aid

This is a really bad brew method and makes this coffee un drinkable