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Alana's Coffee Roasters - Yellow Honey Pacamara

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El Salvador

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Alana's Coffee Roasters - 8/10/2018

Coffee Processing

Yellow Honey

The Beans have the fragrance of pear, nugget, rose hips, saffron, malt, yellow cherry, clove stem, sandalwood, pine sap, jasmine, taste pinion, soil, and cocoa powder

The grounds have the fragrance of caramel, apricot, yellow cheery, kelp, jasmine, cocoa powder, mirth, plantain, sour cream, bees wax, sandalwood, black apple, black cardamom, bay leaf, arrowroot, and raw almond.



The aroma of this coffee is of chicory, clove, black tea, sandalwood, black walnut, baked black apple, dark cherry, plum, apricot, soil, dragons blood, and rose hips


This is a medium to heavy body coffee that has a velvety mouthfeel and is a thick syrupy texture and tapers off to a smooth creamy finish


This is a high acidity coffee that is bright, tart, and has a lingering juicy finish


The flavor is of tart plum, tart cherry, apricot, sandalwood, rose hips, bergamot, again pear, cara cara orange, red currant, goji, and winter savory

Delicate notes of guava and banana are in the back

As it cools notes of cream and peach develop making this very creamy and a fruit sweetness


The aroma of the cup is tea like with more of a nut aroma along with notes of herbs like bay leaf and marjoram

The body is light with a slick and dry tea like consistency

The acidity is very faint and muted

The flavors are very muted and is tea like

I do not recommend this coffee on this brew method


The aroma of the cup is more chocolate like of milk along with caramel and notes of lilac and dried tart cherry.

This is now a full body coffee that is chewy and has a sticky coating

The acidity is mild with a juicy deep and complex structure

The flavors milk chocolate, nougat, black cherry, black cardamom, cedar, vanillin, blood orange, summer savory, leather, wheat germ, hemp seed, baked strawberry, baked yellow peach, saffron and green grapes

I highly recommend the coffee on the Aeropress