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Augie's Coffee - La Palma Y El Tucan

Coffee Origin :

Colombia, Santander

Coffee Species


Coffee Varietal

Castillo, Colombia

Coffee Elevation


Coffee Farm/ Producers

Nestor Caballero

Coffee Roasting Date, Roaster

Augie’s Coffee


Coffee Processing


The beans have the fragrance of bakers chocolate, mangosteen, cranberry, apricot, rose hip, baked blackberry, bourbon, black cherry, oak, and soy sauce

The grounds have the fragrance of red grape, boiled egg, marionberry, bakers cocoa, oak, cherry blossom, sandalwood, mangosteen, white cranberry, sunflower, red banana, and rose hips.


The aroma is of dark raisin, soil, burro banana, rose hip, sandalwood, toasted black walnut, baked marionberry, tea tree leaf, cocoa nib, toasted black tea, and dragons blood

The body is heavy with a smooth and velvety mouthfeel that lingers as a juicy coating

The acidity is medium - high with a lingering Malic Acid that leaves your mouth dry but at first is juicy and tart

The flavor is of green apple, yellow cherry, marionberry, Eureka lemon, camomile, dutch process cocoa powder, burro banana, bergamot, dragons blood, toasted black tea, oak, kombu, and roasted black walnut.

As it cools tart notes develop like of white grapefruit and green cactus pear. a back note of burnt caramel is there but very faint .


The aroma is of dirty water, with black tea notes and soil with brown butter

The body is very week with a tea like consistency and watery mouth feel

The acidity is not that and has none

The flavors are of watery hot chocolate, cara cara orange pith, coconut water, blakberry, and green grape and marshmallow

I do not recommend this coffee on this brewing method

CHEMEX W/ Able Gold Series Kone Filter

The aroma is more of a berry forwor with notes of blueberry and strawberry anlong with hints of cherry blossom, notes of cream and myrrh have developed along with delicate hints of dried papaya

The body is also week with an underdeveloped mouth feel but does have a juicy and silky feel

The acidity is of weak black tea

The flavors of this method are of milk chocolate, blackberry, marshmallow, over ripe banana, and navel orange

I believe this coffee can be good on the chemex but depends on the filter you use