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The Longship Coffee - Maragogype

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The Longship Coffee - 7/12/17

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The beans have the fragrance of musk, bakers chocolate, tart cherry, coconut husk, clove, chamomile, prune, letter, black tea, and black lime

The grounds have the fragrance of tart cherry, clove, cinnamon, tobacco, white pepper, dried apricot, bay leaf, leather, marshmallow, parsley, plum, jasmine, and rose hips




The aroma is of oak, plum, leather, cinnamon, rose hips, black lime, bakers chocolate, vanillin, and brown sugar

This is a medium - weak bodied coffee that is not fully developed with a slick and smooth watery feel finishing with a creamy feel.

This is a mild acidity that is only notable on the back of your pallet or when fully drunk. It is sharp and dry living a sharp and bright note in the back. It does linger and is unbalanced.


The flavor of this coffee is of navel orange, black tea, Dutch process chocolate, oak, cherry, half and half, white corn syrup, bay leaf, vanillin, roasted hazelnut, liquid smoke, and burnt black tea

As it cools notes of instant hot chocolate develop along with a watery back tea note and a stronger vanillin and a creamy note like of marshmallow 




The aroma of the cup is of watery black tea, almond, dried pear, chia, and soil

The body is rich and velvety with a chewy coating and a little rough but is very juicy and well rounded

The acidity is high with a big note of malic acid taste and very reminiscent of green apple with lemon juice on it 

The flavor of the cup is of dark chocolate, plum, sunflower, cream, hazelnut, sage, chia, sun dried cherry, dried mango, sumac, calamondin, macho banana, and has a end note of alfalfa