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Abide Coffee Roasters - Colombia Excelso Decaf

Coffee Origin:

Coffee Species

Coffee Varietal
Colombia, Caturra

Coffee Elevation

Coffee Farm/ Producers

Coffee Roasting Date, Roaster
Abide Coffee Roasters - 5/4/17

Coffee Processing
Swiss Water



The beans have the fragrance of cocoa nibs, hickory, liquid smoke, burnt sugar, soil, clove stem, plum, oregano, cashew, barley, and olive 

The grounds have the fragrance of marionberry, dried mushroom, roasted cashew, soil, grilled orange, cocoa nib, olive oil, musk, burlap, almond flour, dragons blood, and fresh hickory 




The aroma is of raisin, bakers chocolate, plum, soil, musk, vanillin, oak, burlap, honey, dragons blood, black lemon, molasses, ashy, and puffed brown rice

This is a medium body that is smooth and creamy with a velvety back feel that is thick

This is a medium - low acidity that has a lingering tart forward tapering to a dry unbalanced muted jury note


The flavor of this is of red wine, ashy, black tea, black lemon, vanillin, grilled navel orange, Mexican papaya, plum, bakers chocolate, soil, clove, marionberry, sage, and white cranberry.

As it cools notes of prune, and lemon oil develop and becomes more tart and finishes with a dry sour note