Augie’s Coffee Roasters - Kenya Giankanja

Coffee Origin
Kenya, Giankanja

Coffee Species

Coffee Varietal
Kent, Ruiru, SL28

Coffee Elevation

Coffee Farm/ Producers

Coffee Roasting Date, Roaster
Augie’s Coffee Roasters - 10/26/2016

Coffee Processing


The beans have the fragrance of yeast, brown sugar, gram cracker, plum, blood orange, black cardamom, oats, persimmon vanillin, oak, and toasted walnut

The grounds have the fragrance of red grapefruit, honey suckle, prune, dried fig, wheat germ, plumeria, malt, white cranberry, oak, and dried shiitake mushroom



The aroma of this coffee is of burnt brown sugar, toasted walnut, plum, dried goji, fermented pineapple, Ceylon cinnamon, honeycomb, and brown rice with a subtle undertone of wheat germ and oak

This is a full body coffee that is smooth and velvety at first with it going to a chewy and creamy texture finishing to a dry tea like feel

This is a high acidity that is sharp, and juicy with a bright tartness through out much like malic acid

The flavors of this coffee are of red grapefruit, Ceylon cinnamon, black cardamom, white cranberry, Winesap apple, soil, peanut husk, posted hazelnut, dried goji, bourbon, and bergamot 

As it cools the citrus becomes sweeter and notes of bittersweet chocolate develop along with tart berries



The aroma of the cup Meyer lemon, cocoa powder, black cardamom, roasted hazelnut, honeycomb, bergamot, pomelo and oat

The body is medium with a smooth and velvety texture but drops fast to a tea-like consistency

The acidity is lower and not as pronounced at cupped but still retains its malic taste

The flavors are of pomelo, Ceylon cinnamon, oak, black cardamom, mushroom, white cranberry, roasted hazelnut, bergamot, black tea, and almond flour




The aroma of this method is of bergamot and black tea, with subtle citrus pith notes

The body is weak and very tea-like in texture and feel  

The acidity is mild with no trace of malic or citric acid in any way more of a floral spice

The flavors of this cup are very weak with black cardamom, white cranberry, black tea, and hazelnut flour

This is by far the work way to enjoy this coffee as is makes it like a instant tea