Coffee Reviews

Big Island Coffee Roasters - Maui Yellow Caturra

Coffee Origin:
Hawai’i, Maui ; Ka’anapali

Coffee Species

Coffee Varietal
Yellow Caturra

Coffee Elevation

Coffee Farm/ Producers

Coffee Roasting Date, Roaster
Big Island Coffee Roasters - 11-1-2016

Coffee Processing


The fragrance of the beans are of raisin, malt, honeycomb, raw almond, milk powder, black cardamom, rambutan, preserved lemon, cocoa powder, and taro

The grounds have the fragrance of rambutan, pinot grape, honeycomb, apricot, plum, pomelo, sandalwood, pomelo, cashew, golden raisin, black cardamom, kombu, and Ceylon cinnamon 



The aroma is of almond, buckwheat honey, toasted chia, taro, malt, prune, cocoa powder, pomelo, Hawaiian sandalwood, date, and feast tobacco

This is a medium body coffee that is smooth with a slick and velvety back tapering to a syrupy and chewy coating

This has a mild muted acidity like of Oxalic acid giving a tart forward the finishing to a rough and unbalanced dry finish 


The flavors of this coffee are of milk chocolate, plum, almond butter, pomelo, soil, black cardamom, black walnut, dried apricot, malt, pinot noir grape, white pepper, fresh tobacco, and tamarind 

As it cools notes of vanilla and cream develop along with subtle notes of tangerine and gooseberry 



The aroma of the cup is of soil, black cardamom, walnut, toasted black sesame seed, milo wood, sour cream, beef bullion, and cocoa bean pod

The body is medium with a smooth and velvety texture but keeps it throughout not like when cupped and finished with a sweet caramel 

This has a high acidity that is tart and complex with a lingering vibrant structure like of tart citrus with a lactic acid base

The flavors of the cup are of  red apple, pomelo, soil, caramel, baked peach, chocolate ganache, toasted black tea leaf, sandalwood, date and fig

I would not have recomened this at first but letting it cool just slightly crought out a great complexity from this coca notes along with stone fruit that was not present in the cupping