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Big Island Coffee Roasters - Guanzon Farms Puna Typica

Coffee Origin:
Hawai’i, Puna

Coffee Species

Coffee Varietal

Coffee Elevation

Coffee Farm/ Producers
Guanzon Farms

Coffee Roasting Date, Roaster
Big Island Coffee Roasters / 

Coffee Processing



The fragrance of the beans are of malt, hazelnut flour, coconut husk, oak, honeysuckle, blanched almond, cocoa powder, dried goji, noni, toasted basmati rice, fresh tobacco, sumac, and again pear

The grounds have the fragrance of jasmine, bergamot, nori, cocoa powder, malt, hazelnut, boiled almond, toasted black tea, dried cranberry, leather, blood, sumac, brown rice, olive water, and wheat grass



The aroma of this coffee is of oak, hazelnut skin, toasted almond, sassafras root, sumac, fresh tobacco, brown rice, honeysuckle, raisin, malt, milk chocolate, and tamarind

The body is very heavy with a thick and smooth syrupy texture that finishes velvety and have a dry coating

The acidity is tannic with a tart and lingering sharp forward that is lingering and posted with a complex finish

The flavors of this coffee are of chocolate ganache, white cranberry, bergamot, raw almond, sumac, coriander, loquat, mountain apple, honeysuckle, ponzu, malt, Asian pear, soy sauce, basmati rice, pulasan and Egyptian hibiscus

As it cools notes of red apple butter, maple, and nougat develops along with a cara cara orange finish 



The aroma of the cup is of black tea, malt, blanched almond, dry instant white rice, mountain apple, soil, fresh tobacco, white grape, 

The body is light with a black tea consistency with a silky finish  and a slightly dry feel

The acidity is very low and is like tap water with a slightly sweet note throughout 

The flavors of this cup are of chickory, soil, licorice root, oak, sassafras, malt, loquat, peanut shell, toasted sesame seed, honeycomb, delicate hint of cocoa powder and lilac 

I belive if you want coffee flavored coffee this would be it and a great way to make it as i was very suprized to see the acidity was low and a lighter body 


The aroma of this cup is of white cranberry, strawberry, tangerine, ginger ale, aloe, maple sap, lilac, rooibos tea, mountain apple, papaya flower, and chia

The body is weak with a very fruit and floral delicateness throughout finishing dry 

The acidity is much like malic feel and sweet with a condensed milk 

The flavors of this cup are of rooibos tea, tangerine, freeze dried strawberry, cocoa powder, white cranberry, loquat, gala apple, and coffee blossom

Doing this coffee this way brings out so much more of the fruit and deliate notes that to me are more dinamic and elivate this coffee to a higher complexity then expected