Coffee Reviews

Bluehouse Coffee Goods - Kenya Kamoini Microlot

Coffee Origin:
Kenya, Nyeri

Coffee Species

Coffee Varietal
SL28 & SL34

Coffee Elevation
1800 m

Coffee Farm/ Producers

Coffee Roasting Date, Roaster
4/20/2017: Sam Beger

Date Sampled

Coffee Processing


The beans have the aroma of dried white cranberry, pink lemon, blueberry, alfalfa, yellow pineapple, demerara sugar, toasted hazelnut, sandalwood, mirth, and bergamot stems

The grounds have the aroma of caramel, blood orange, dried apricot, plum, vanillin, raspberry, dried pineapple, demerara sugar, chicory, sumac, asparagus, green pepper, milk chocolate, and almond




The aroma is of caramel, demerara sugar, tangerine, baked yellow peach, hazelnut, oak, brandy, cinnamon, sumac, yellow pineapple, baked strawberry, and bell pepper

This is a full and creamy body jay is thick and syrupy tapering to a sharp juicy tartness that leaves a light coating

This is a bright and sharp forward tartness that is juicy and clean, with a lingering complexity

The flavors of this coffee are of caramel, white cranberry, demerara sugar, tangerine, baked yellow peach, plum, brandy, sumac, yellow pineapple, baked strawberry, baked raspberry, white grapefruit, sandalwood, dragon's blood, red grape, black tea, bergamot, plantain, and blanched cashew

as it cools notes of red grapefruit develop along with sun dried tomato sweetness and a beautiful pink lemon acidity 



The aroma of the cup is of damp soil, dries moral mushroom, black walnut, oak, coconut husk and cocoa powder

The body is tea like and silky with a lack of depth and character making it more of a  dirty water

The acidity is low with no deep acidity note just a faint one the tapers off fast leaving a dry lingering dirty feel

The flavors of the cup are of grapefruit, pepperoncini, sumac, damp soil, oak, toasted oolong tea, frankincense, and woormwood