Coffee Reviews

Augie's Coffee Roasters - El Salvador Loma La Gloria

Coffee Origin:
El Salvador, Boqueron

Coffee Species

Coffee Varietal
Red Bourbon

Coffee Elevation
1,500 M

Coffee Farm/ Producers
Loma La Gloria
Anny Ruth Pimentel

Coffee Roasting Date, Roaster
Augie’s Coffee Roasters - 6/29/2016

Coffee Processing
Yellow Honey


The beans have the fragrance of white cranberry, brown sugar, rose hips, cashew, dill, sandalwood, cocoa powder, bing cherry, carao, loquat, rue, rambutan, yeast, Ecuadorian guava, pitaya, rooibos tea, chia, and baked sapote

The grounds have the fragrance of caramel, pitaya, almond flower, loquat, rose water, dutch process cocoa, summer savory, white peach puree, rooibos tea, condensed milk, sandalwood, black republican cherry, burro banana, baked mamey sapote, and rooibos tea



The aroma of this coffee is of tahini, loquat, cocoa powder, rambutan, bing cherry, rose water, mamey sapote, pitaya, dark brown sugar, dill, rooibos tea, rue, dragons blood, and cashew

This is full body coffee with a smooth and big creamy note that is thick like of malted milk chocolate, with a velvety coating

This is a very high acidity coffee that is vibrant with a complex sweet note that slowly creeps up in the back that is delicate and clean

The flavors of this coffee are of Rainer cherry, rambutan, sandalwood, yeast, dry green tea, condensed milk, rose hips, brown sugar, toasted almond, burro banana, baked mamey sapote, dried bell pepper, bergamot stem, dragons blood, pitaya, watermelon rind, and black apple

As it cools a deep note of piloncillo, vanilla, and raspberry, and prickly pear develop along with a subtle oolong tea finish



The aroma of the coffee is of black republican cherry, toasted hemp seed, rooibos tea, Ecuadorian guava, pitaya, grilled blood orange, almond, rooibos tea, rose hips, cane sugar, and tamarind

The body is mild with a delicate tea like consistency that is silky and juicy much like a cascara

The acidity of the coffee is of sweet floral and mellow with a slight allspice finish in the back 

The flavors of the cup are of thyme, cocoa powder, lemon verbena, loquat, rambutan, dragon fruit, oak, coffee cherry,  rooibos tea, red apple chips, rose hips and yeast

To me this coffee on this is to weak and delicate but if you are looking for a cold brew gino I would say use it as it would be very smooth and sweet for it but not hot

AEROPRESS (Able Fine Filter) 

The aroma of the cup is of bakers chocolate, bergamot, red banana, loquat, summer savory, rue, dried basil, toasted cashew, lemon verbena, tart cherry, black tea, cane sugar, dragon fruit, and red oak

The body is milder then cupped with more of a chocolate ganache feel and texture but still leaving the velvety coating 

The acidity is lower then cupped but still high but now has a lingering and dry finish 

The flavors of the cup are of red banana, rooibos tea, cane sugar, rue, loquat, dragons blood, soil, toasted sesame seed, bakers chocolate, tobacco, black apple, dried oyster mushroom, dragon fruit, papaya seed and cedar

As for a aeropress for this coffee I am wondering if useing the regular filter would change this coffee that much and if so would the be more of a sweet notes and tropical, bery beacuse this cofee on this is ok and a good cup but I would not go out of my way for it