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Compelling & Rich - Yemen Haraaz

Coffee Origin:
Yemen, Haraaz

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Coffee Roasting Date, Roaster
Compelling & Rich - 7/12/2015

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The beans have the fragrance of cocoa nib, strawberry, dried fig, honeycomb, tangerine, dried french Chervil, black tea, bergamot, bing cherry, apricot, rosehips, saffron, blackberry, black grape, and licorice root

The grounds have the fragrance of marionberry, white cranberry, dark chocolate, black cherry, chamomile, apricot, mandarine orange, honeycomb, jasmine, hibiscus, black tea leaf, licorice root, and rue



The aroma of this coffee is of nougat, dark chocolate, safaris root, jasmine, black tea, bing cherry, oak, malt, apricot jam, rose hips, red grape, barley, and mirth

This is a full body coffee that is smooth with a velvety coating that is sucky and creamy

This is a medium-high acidity coffee that is bright with a juicy note throughout with a lingering dry finish of spice

The flavors of this coffee are of dark chocolate, black cardamom, licorice root, bing cherry, sassafras root, raspberry, nougat, blood orange, saffron, freeze dried strawberry, malt, stewed tomato, vanillin, celery seed, white cranberry, barley, and dried mango

As it cools notes of half and half develop along with yeast, dragons blood, and mirth



The aroma of this cup soil, black tea, molasses, 

The body is weaker than being cupped with a slick and watery consistency

The acidity of the cup is very low and is still juicy with a soft floral and earthy note

The flavors of the cup are of black tea, bitter sweet chocolate, raspberry, black cherry, molasses, chamomile, dried tangerine,  malt, roasted tomato, vanillin, white cranberry, wheat germ, dried tobacco, black cardamom, and damp soil

I can not say this coffee is good in this as it brings this coffee down in every way. I belive that doing this on poor over to use maybe a Gino would be better but doubt it