Coffee Reviews

Starbucks Reserve - Tanzania Tweega

Coffee Origin:
Tanzania, Mbeya

Coffee Species

Coffee Varietal
Bourbon, Kent, Typica

Coffee Elevation
1,350 – 1,650 m

Coffee Farm/ Producers
Small holders 

Coffee Roasting Date, Roaster
Starbucks Reserve - 6/12/2016

Coffee Processing


The fragrance of the beans are of black raspberry, fermented black current, soil, fresh tobacco, sassafras root, dried cherimoya, caramel, bakers chocolate, black cherry, sapote, and leather

The grounds have the fragrance of black cherry, sapote, bakers chocolate, soil, black currant, baked blackberry, soil, nougat, sassafras root, chicory, grilled Meyer lemon, cedar, cinnamon, thyme, and magnolia



The aroma of this coffee is of baked cinnamon, bittersweet chocolate, black currant, caramel, plum, sapote, marionberry, soil, fresh tobacco, black cardamom, rye, jasmine, liquid smoke, and hickory

This is a medium body coffee that is juicy with a deep chewy complex coating like of a chili powder spice note that at the back

This is a medium - high acidity that is tart with a dull and astringent lingering dirty quality that is unbalanced

The flavors of this coffee are of black cardamom, sassafras root, ash, liquid smoke, black current, smoked paprika, hickory, burnt caramel, dry dutch process cocoa powder, fermented sapote, cedar, fresh tobacco, vanillin, and dried tobacco 

As it cools a swat note developed like marshmallow but quickly dissipates bring an ashy note that is very strong along with the paprika being prominent 



The aroma of the cup sassafrass root, black currant, hickory, cocoa powder, chamomile, black cardamom, bosc pear, wheat germ, soil and licorice root

The body s much fuller then being cupped with a sweeter and velvety texture

The acidity is much higher with a sharp and juicy feel like of lemon pith 

The flavors of the cup are of asparagus, soil, licorice root, dried black current, hickory, tobacco, sapote, black cardamom,  caramel, grilled lemon pith, and toasted almond

This is a palitable coffee this way compared to being cupped but I do not recomend this coffee is any way