Coffee Reviews

Bird Rock Coffee Roasters - Yemen Asrar Haraz

Coffee Origin:
Yemen, Haraj

Coffee Species

Coffee Varietal
mixed heirlooms 

Coffee Elevation
1,500 - 2,000 m

Coffee Farm/ Producers

Coffee Roasting Date, Roaster
Bird Rock Coffee Roasters - 5/17/2016

Coffee Processing



The beans have the fragrance of strawberry, toast, malt, brown rice, dried goji, bakers chocolate, pink guava, sumac, lilac, red currant, cane sugar, baked green apple, bergamot stem, frankincense, roasted chicory, bottle brush, tobacco, angelica root, and wormwood

The grounds have the fragrance of red apple, dried goji, roasted chicory, dried blueberry, milk chocolate, pink guava, malt, freeze dried strawberry, poached pear, magnolia,  cane sugar, dried elderberry, coconut husk, bergamot stem, angelica root, and bottlebrush



The aroma of this coffee is of marijuana, dried goji, dried black currant, bakers chocolate, white guava, malt, basmati rice, fresh tobacco, turbinado sugar, wormwood, sumac, allspice, black sesame seed, dried lychee, and crimson raisin  

This is full body coffee that is smooth and chewy with a juicy and moist mouthfeel that finishes tea like

This is a tart and spicy acidity coffee that has the space forward that lingers then finished to a sweet caramel like feel 


The flavors of this coffee are of tart green apple, white guava, cane sugar, red currant, cocoa nib, sumac, lilac, bergamot stem, blood orange, magnolia, freeze dried strawberry, angelica root, dragons blood, smoked paprika, toasted coconut, and marionberry

As it cools the guava notes and very prominent with a vanilla ice cream texture developing and a cherimoya and banana developing



The aroma is of cardamom, saffron, turmeric, muted toasted coconut, kumquat, summer savory, white cranberry, Egyptian hibiscus, cocoa powder, and sassafrass root

The body is weak with a tea-like consistency ( very disappointed) 

The acidity is very weak with really nothing to point out it has any

The flavors of the cup are of black tea, soil, vanillin, almond milk, dried goji, saffron, lilac, honeysuckle, and sumac

I can not recomned this coffee on Gino, it dose nothing to help inhance this coffee nor brings out any unique caricteristics 



The aroma of the cup is toasted coconut husk, wormwood, cocoa powder, sumac, baked red apple, allspice, honeysuckle, brown rice, fresh tobacco, bergamot stem, and dried white guava

The Body is much like being cupped with a really thick texture now

The acidity has dropped then being cupped and is very earth toned with a muted cocoa powder sweetness and an allspice back

The flavors of the cup are of soil, molasses, sumac, turmeric, black cardamom, grilled blood orange, summer savory, bittersweet cocoa, dried goji, carbonized coconut husk, chia, green apple, clove, bergamot stem, frankincense, and black walnut

I do not know what to say if I would recomend this of French Press but I do think it brings out more eathy notes and a creamy body and thick texture so if it what you like go for it if not then don't use this coffee on here