Coffee Reviews

Paradise Coffee Roasters - Zambia Isanya

Coffee Origin:
Zambia, Northern Province

Coffee Species

Coffee Varietal
Bourbon & Catimor

Coffee Elevation
1,340 - 1,400 M

Coffee Farm/ Producers:
Kateshi and Isanya Estates
Kateshi Estate

Coffee Roasting Date, Roaster
Paradise Coffee Roasters - 5/25/2016

Coffee Processing


The beans have the fragrance of hazelnut, cocoa powder, fermented yellow pineapple, sandalwood, lily, Meyer lemon, black tea leaf, pink grapefruit skin, jasmine, toast, baking soda, cherimoya, dried chervil, dried white corn, white grape, rose hips, soil, sherry, dried strawberry, dried blackberry and fresh tobacco

The grounds have the fragrance of dried white pineapple, pink grapefruit, jasmine, toasted hop, dried strawberry, toasted hazelnut, grilled Eureka lemon, toffee, piloncillo, kumquat marmalade, cool nib, fresh tobacco, white grape, thyme, and spearmint icebreaker 



The aroma of this coffee is of dried yellow pineapple, fresh tobacco, cocoa nib, toasted black walnut, blackberry, Meyer lemon, toffee, dried raspberry, dried strawberry, cara cara orange, thyme, and piloncillo

This is a full and juicy bodied coffee with a smooth and silky feel that finished with a rough and spicy back

This is a tart forward coffee that has a complex sharp and pointed note that is well rounded and is slightly lingering with a subtle dry complex finish


The flavors of this coffee are of dried yellow pineapple, raw hazelnut, Eureka lemon, fresh tobacco, soil, piloncillo, raspberry, fresh hops, white grape, pink grapefruit skin, silver tip green tea leaf, pomelo, Egyptian hibiscus, Hawaiian sandalwood, and paprika 

As it cools the tobacco notes are very prominent along with a sweet creamy note that almost lost with the toasted pinion and dried bosc pear



The aroma of the cup is of toasted hop, pinion, dried tobacco, oak, blackberry, yellow raspberry, cara cara orange, lemon basil, yeast, cocoa nib, black tea leaf, and ponzu sauce

The body is weaker with more of a lingering dry note that is still juicy and slightly spicy  

The acidity is just as cupped and maybe a slight bit higher with more of a tart orange note that has a herbaceous sweetness

The flavors dried blood orange, lemon basil, thyme, sherry, white grape, Meyer lemon, toasted hops, pinion, dried white cranberry, tobacco, black tea leaf, smoked paprika, piloncillo, kumquat, and Hawaiian sandalwood

This is a great cofee on Aeropress and brigs out the more earthy notes and the olny problem I would have is the acidity is higher but it is still a great complex cup that is smooth



The aroma is green bell pepper, soil, piloncillo, kumquat,  thyme, red apple, dried raspberry, Thai basil, pitaya, starfruit, musk, cocoa powder, black tea leaf and white balsamic vinegar

The body is much weaker (but expected) but still very juicy and sweet with a creamy and syrupy texture

The acidity is much lower and is more tropical fruit forward sweetness with a tobacco spice

The flavors of the cup fresh tobacco, black tea leaf, pitaya, cherimoya, green papaya, loquat, red banana, honeydew, pinion, cara cara orange, Thai basil, yeast, and yellow corn

This it a great coffee to made iced and brings out so much more sweet topical notes and a rich juicy complexity that is very refreashing and sooth with subtle spice through out