Coffee Reviews

Paradise Coffee Roasters - Colombia Pink Bourbon

Coffee Origin:
Colombia, Huila

Coffee Species

Coffee Varietal
Pink Bourbon 

Coffee Elevation
1,600 - 1,860 M

Coffee Farm/ Producers
Norberto Quisobony at Finca El Diviso

Coffee Roasting Date, Roaster
Paradise Coffee Roasters - 5/11/2016

Coffee Processing



The beans have the fragrance of freeze dried raspberry, all space, molasses, Granny Smith apple, grilled watermelon, Rainer cherry, cocoa powder, star fruit, tobacco, golden kiwi, pitaya, jujube, chia, myrrh, orchid, raw almond, white pepper, and evaporated milk

The grounds have the fragrance of baked strawberry, golden kiwi, nougat, myrrh, cocoa powder, blackberry, orchid, bing cherry, dehydrated tangerine, cashew, chia, dried mango, star fruit, dragon fruit, allspice, condensed milk, citron, Granny Smith apple and green grape



The aroma of this coffee is of golden raisin, nougat, blackberry, raspberry, chia, watermelon, orchid, cocoa nib, star fruit, black cardamom, kiwi, cashew butter, jujube, spiced molasses, and Jatoba

This is a full body coffee with velvety with a syrupy coating that lingers

This is a bright a sharp acidity coffee that has a citrus like forward punch like lime, or hops, that finishes dry with muted

The flavors of this coffee are of grilled watermelon, jujube, lime zest, allspice, goji, myrrh, pitaya, chocolate ganache, kiwi, Rainer cherry, dried mango, black cardamom, blackberry, chia, almond, green grape, orchid, star fruit, mountain apple, baked strawberry, and toasted hops

As it cools notes of red banana, the evaporated milk and floral notes of violet develop along with a berry note that is very dominant like of huckleberry

There a back note of marijuana when hot (no I do not smoke and I am allergic to it but the smell and taste are very notable)


The aroma of the cup is very herbaceous like of thyme, Mexican oregano, soil, black cardamom, oak, ash, and chia

The body is lower then cupped but is still syrupy and now has more of a Mexican style chocolate that's melted 

The acidity really high and bright with a juicy and tart taste that is overpowering 

The flavors of the cup chocolate ganache with granules in it, blackberry, blood orange, dragon fruit, chia, black cardamom, cedar, magnolia, start fruit, Manila mango,  tamarind, tasted hazelnut, mountain apple, and green grape

Other then the aroma this coffee on French press is by far on the the best i have ever had on it! It brings so much chariter to this coffee along with the acisity that goes away then the flavors hit you and its just so complex. 


The aroma of this cup is of concord grape, black cardamom, oregano, blackberry, pine sap, yucca, myrrh, charred tomato paste, spiced molasses, tamarind, dark chocolate,  toasted almond, purple bell pepper and dried blood orange

The body of the cup is weak with a silky and tea-like consistency that is muted and dry

The acidity is lower then cupped but is still bright and juicy with a cane sugar tartness

The flavors of this cup are of bakers chocolate, bosc pear, oak, black tea, tamarind, chia, arionberry, allspice, raw cane sugar, and dried lemon grass

I dont not recomend not advise useing this coffee on the Gino, It dose not help or brig out anything but more of the coffees bitter and oily notes that mute this coffee