Coffee Reviews

Bird Rock Coffee Roasters - Colombia Purple Caturra

Coffee Origin:
Colombia, Huila

Coffee Species

Coffee Varietal
Purple Caturra

Coffee Elevation
1,600 - 1,700 M

Coffee Farm/ Producers
Finca Monteblanco
Rodrigo Sanchez

Coffee Roasting Date, Roaster
Bird Rock Coffee Roasters - 5/18/2016

Coffee Processing


The beans have the fragrance of plum, malt, red grape, soil, dill, bergamot stems, muted lavender, yucca flower, pinion, yellow cherry, dried tangerine, leather, Thai basil, cola, peach blossom, maple sap, oak, bittersweet cocoa, white pepper, black apricot, blackberry, and blood orange

The grounds have the fragrance of prune, grilled peach, oak, tangerine, roasted pinion, yucca root, tart black cherry, malt, black apricot, baked blackberry, allspice, soil, rosehips, roasted pinion, milk powder, cola, bakers cocoa, cara cara orange, Thai basil, and black grape



The aroma is of Thai basil, coriander, plum, black grape, marionberry, malt, oak, dark chocolate, roasted pinion, bergamot stem, rose hips, yucca root, black apricot, cola, soil, maple sugar, allspice, Ceylon cinnamon, and leather 

This is a full body coffee that is velvety with a thick syrupy mouthful that stays throughout the cup with a slight juicy back that makes your mouth water

This is a medium - high acidity coffee that is tart at first then slowly tapers to a lingering astringent sharp note that has a crisp dry finish

The flavors of this coffee are of concord grape, coriander, bakers cocoa, yucca root, leather, black apricot, bing cherry, summer savory, blood orange, oak, rose hips, malt, marionberry, white cranberry, cola, summer savory, candy cane radish, grilled peach, pequin chili, and kaffir lime pith

As it cools notes of cream develop making it like a grape 50/50 bar with subtle notes of the peach more developed and more forward 



The aroma of the cup is of yellow corn, yucca root, cocoa powder, raw almond, soil, malt, green papaya, bergamot stem, frankincense powder,  grilled sweet lemon, and white cranberry

The body is lower then cupped with more of a smooth silky feel that is very soft and transparent 

The cup has a much lower acidity with a very sweet and delicate vanilla like quality tapering to a balanced floral finish 

The flavors of the cup are of bakers chocolate, oak, maple sugar, lilac, grilled peach, soil, black apricot, adobo, cream, plantain, black tea, water, and liquid smoke

I do not recomend this coffee on the Clever, it brings out to much of the oils and gives this coffee a horable body. It does not show nor inhance and of the dominant flavors and gives the cup a oily top layer 


The aroma of the cup is of cocoa nib, peach blossom, kaffir lime leaf, yucca flower, leather, white cranberry, adobo, Ceylon cinnamon, and leather

The body is much like being cupped with more of a spice note that is surprising at first then follows with a creamy and juicy feel

The acidity is more like when on the clever in strength but the Ceylon cinnamon spice and lime bring out a much  more delicate feel

The flavors of this coffee are of kaffir lime leaf, yucca flower, Ceylon cinnamon, leather, adobo, piquan, peach blossom, green grape, blood orange, baked yellow cherry, green papaya, baked apricot, summer savory, turmeric, cocoa nib, marionberry, and Thai basil

Ok this is the best coffee I have had on the Aeropress! It brings out so much charicter and unique flavors that I was not expecting. It also brings out a great acidity and a delicate body that this coffee deserves 

SCORE : 92.3