Coffee Reviews

Augie's Coffee Roasters - El Salvador La Ellie

Coffee Origin:
El Salvador, Boqueron

Coffee Species

Coffee Varietal
Red Bourbon

Coffee Elevation
1,500 M

Coffee Farm/ Producers
Loma La Gloria

Coffee Roasting Date, Roaster
Augie's Coffee Roasters - 5/11/2106

Coffee Processing


The beans have the fragrance of toast, cocoa nib, pumpkin seed, marionberry, red pear, squash blossom, blood orange jam, dried chervil, yucca flower, black apple, caramel, carob, plantain, cashew, annatto, Manilla tamarind, and red grape

The grounds have the fragrance of plum, bakers chocolate, plantain, yucca root, thyme, chocolate mint, brandy soaked wood, baked black apple, caramel, annatto, cashew, carob, vanilla, blood orange, baked marionberry, cinnamon, and demerara



The aroma of this coffee is of carob, demerara, tasted cocoa nib, baked black apple, caramel, plum, yeast, danjo pear, yucca flower, thyme, whiskey, cara cara orange, balsamic vinegar, tamarind, and chard tomato

This is a heavy bodied coffee that is thick and syrupy with a delicate juicy backbone that runs slowly

This is a medium acidity coffee with a chocolate  tartness and cane sugar sweetness that is complex and clean finishing to a dry sharp note

The flavors of this coffee are of caramel, plum, red pear, oak, yucca root, annatto, chocolate ganache, carob, cashew, freeze dried marionberry, cinnamon, thyme, yeast, tamarind, Oro blanco grapefruit, cranberry, mountain apple, black apple, pumpkin seed, and tobacco

As it cools a very creamy texture develops along with notes of raspberry, white cranberry, golden beet, and gilled nectarine 



The aroma of the cup is of bosc pear, black apple, carob, plum, pumpkin seed, raw cane sugar, cinnamon toast, soil, plantain, cashew butter, Manilla tamarind, and yucca root

The body is weaker then cupped and really juicy with a slight tea-like consistency and is silky 

The acidity is much higher then cupped and is like of cedar rather than citrus

The flavors are of ancho, bakers chocolate, grilled pink grapefruit, tomato paste, yucca root, annatto, raw cane sugar, toasted pumpkin seed, marionberry, pear chips, black grape, chipotle, black currant, prune, and brandy

I do recomend this coffee on the French Press as it brings out such a diffrent coffee and some great notes along with a great acdity but a weaker body that is expected