Coffee Reviews

Big Island Coffee Roasters - Hamakua Kenya - Washed

Coffee Origin:
Hawai’i, Hamakua

Coffee Species

Coffee Varietal:
Typica (Guatemala)

Coffee Elevation

Coffee Farm/ Producers
Pulelehua Farm

Coffee Roasting Date, Roaster
Big Island Coffee Roasters - 5/3/2016

Coffee Processing
Kenya - Washed



The beans have the fragrance of plum, blood orange, cinnamon, baking soda, copper, brown mustard seed, leather, bergamot, baked nutmeg, cedar, roasted coconut husk, lilac, toasted macadamia nut, cream, black currant, and malt

The grounds have the fragrance of prune, tamarind paste, whipped cream, bergamot, malt, wheat, cork, prickly pear, nougat, roasted cocoa nib, baked yellow peach, cinnamon, bell pepper, toasted macadamia nut, and chard oak




The aroma of this coffee is of prune, black currant, baked nutmeg, malt, lilac, oak, cream, toasted macadamia nut, burnt oregano, toasted cocoa nib, bergamot, bay leaf, and tamarind paste

This is a full body coffee that is rich and creamy with a velvety syrupy feel lingering in the front

This is a medium acidity coffee that is sweet with a loquat like acidity that is mild and juicy that lingerings then dissipates leaving a dry floral finish  

The flavors of this coffee are of grilled blood orange, prune, black radish, muted ground cinnamon, roasted coconut husk, malt, bakers cocoa, Italian oregano, macadamia nut paste, sweet paprika, black salt, cedar, rooibos tea, wheat, and licorice root

As it cools a creamy and slight sharp texture develops with a big whipped cream flavor along with white corn, cherimoya, and grilled Eureka lemon skin



The aroma of the cup is of grilled lime, bergamot, lemon grass, black cardamom, plum, noni, dried goji, sumac, elderberry, dutch process cocoa, soil, leather, milo wood, ginger powder, coffee blossom tea, and wheat germ

The body is weak with a tea like consistency that is silky and juicy 

The acidity is high with a bright citrus note forward with slight spice hints throughout

The flavors of this cup are of ginger powder, sumac, lemon grass, soil, burnt sugar, cinnamon,black cardamom, jicama, smoked paprika,  noni juice, cedar, Hawaiian sandalwood, bakers hocolate, baked black current and sumac

Useing the Gino bright out more of the citrus notes and a plesent acidity that was not over powering but mad the body lacking but I do recomend this coffee on here alot