Coffee Reviews

Bowtruss Coffee Roasters - Ethiopia Worka Chelbesa Nat.

Coffee Origin: 
Ethiopia, Gedeb Drstrict; Gedeo Zone

Coffee Species

Coffee Varietal

Coffee Elevation
6,233 - 7,217 Ft

Coffee Farm/ Producers
Smallholder Production

Coffee Roasting Date, Roaster
Bowtruss Coffee Roasters - 5/5/2016

Coffee Processing


The fragrance of the beans are of bakers chocolate, strawberry, blueberry, corn husk, navel orange, bee pollen, yellow nectarine, thyme, magnolia, barley, plantain, and purple bell pepper

The grounds have the fragrance of gram cracker, freeze dried strawberry, honeysuckle, them, white grapefruit pith, plantain, dark chocolate, blueberry, cream, chamomile, and maple glazed carrot



The aroma of this coffee is of dark chocolate, blueberry, raspberry, granola, plantain, honeysuckle, roasted carrot, oregano, thyme,  navel orange and black tea

This is medium body coffee that has a velvety feel with a thick and syrupy consistency and a creamy finish

This is a medium-low acidity coffee that has a tart forward with a lingering and dirty finish like of old black tea

The flavors of this coffee are of soil, sumac, strawberry, roasted carrot, celery seed, peanut skin, thyme, dried kumquat, blueberry, strawberry, barley, malt, magnolia, asparagus, tart red apple and marjoram

As it cools notes of dutch process cocoa powder and soil develop along with fermented orange and oolong tea



The aroma of the cup bakers chocolate, chicory, nougat, dried raspberry, tangerine, thyme, and white cranberry

The acidity is low with notes of sweet berry and of herbaceous chocolate, there is no tartness or sour notes at all 

The body is very creamy like of chocolate ganache, with a velvety mouth feel

The flavors of the cup are of cranberry, dark chocolate, vanillan, oak, sumac, dried orange, mint oil, marjoram, green grape, bay leaf, tobacco, white cranberry, raspberry and chickory

I recomend this cold as it is a great soomth body and low acidity that brings this cup to a very plsent and enjoyable on a hot or cold day