Coffee Reviews

Blue Bottle Coffee - Peru Jose Carhuachinchay

Coffee Origin:

Coffee Species

Coffee Varietal
Bourbon, Caturra, Pache

Coffee Elevation
1,200 - 2,000m

Coffee Farm/ Producers
Jose Carhuachinchay

Coffee Roasting Date, Roaster
Blue Bottle - 4/26/2016

Coffee Processing


The beans have the fragrance of chervil, silver tip green tea, malt, cocoa powder, ginger, sandalwood oil,  walnut, apricot, palo verde blossom, carob, musk, leather, rubbed sage, black tea, cumin, blue corn flower, Wormwood, and alder

The grounds have the fragrance of grilled white peach, white sage, magnolia, blue corn flower, ginger ale, musk, butter, vanillin, sandalwood oil, gooseberry, mint, yuzu, and
cocoa mucilaginous pulp



The aroma of this coffee is of walnut, red grape, ash, grilled yellow peach, blue corn flower, vanillin, cocoa nib, apricot, dried gooseberry, oak, rubbed sage, yuzu, and caramel

This is a full body coffee that is cream with a velvety coating and a sweet thick syrupy consistency

This is a medium acidity that has a sweet-tart note like of pink lemon at front with a lingering chalky back note  

The flavors of this coffee are of cream, vanillin, apricot, caramel, sandalwood, blue corn flower, brazil nut, carob, malt, red apple, mirth, gooseberry, yuzu, magnolia, wheat germ, dried ginger, caramel, green papaya, and silver tip green tea

As it cools the cream and vanilla bean come through along with a lemon curd sweetness and baked blackberry note


The aroma of the cup molasses, liquid smoke, black cardamom, chicory, toasted cocoa nib, black tea, carbon, sumac, clove stem, marjoram, sour cream, and dried elderberry

The body is weak with a smooth and tea like consistency that is dirty and astringent

The acidity is medium and has a slight sour note that in lingering and dirty with a delicate wood note in the back

The flavors of the cup are of  soil, cedar, dried elderberry, sour cream, malt, lilac, fermented white grapefruit, molasses, delicate hints of baked blackberry, cocoa nib, and sandalwood along with notes of oyster mushroom and ponzu sauce

I can not recomed this of here it does nothing to help and makes this coffee well "god awfull" 


The aroma of the cup is of musk, black tea, yuzu, alder, cashew, soil, cocoa nib, vanillin, white cranberry, barley, and date, and dried fig

The body is medium-full with a smooth and juicy feel with a satin coating and a sweet syrupy texture

The acidity a lot higher and tart like of white grapefruit with a juicy and dry complexity throughout the cup

The flavors of the cup are of alder, cocoa powder, soil, tobacco, carob, musk, leather, rubbed sage, elderberry, cream, vanillin, barhee date, and  pink lemon. Back note of oolong tea

This is a hit or miss all depending what your looking for in a cup, i liked it but not loved it 


SCORE 92.1

This is the best coffee i have ever had from Peru