Coffee Reviews

Big Island Coffee Roasters - Hamakua Washed

Coffee Origin:
Hawai’i, Hamakua

Coffee Species

Coffee Varietal:
Typica (Guatemala)

Coffee Elevation

Coffee Farm/ Producers
Pulelehua Farm

Coffee Roasting Date, Roaster
Big Island Coffee Roasters - 5/3/2016

Coffee Processing


The beans have the fragrance of bakers chocolate, noni, green papaya, black cardamom, cola, soil, long pepper, roasted sweet potato, soy sauce, allspice, Hawaiian sandalwood, sweet lime, toasted hop, macadamia nut shell, creme fraiche, yellow tea, jabuticaba, and star fruit

The grounds have the fragrance of sweet lime, molasses, yucca flower, cocoa powder, allspice, honeycomb, almond powder, star fruit, roasted malt, plumeria, black cardamom, soil, oak, vanillin, nougat, cigarette tobacco, Manilla tamarind, enoki, and cedar



The aroma of this coffee is of cocoa nib, black cardamom, toasted malt, molasses, crimson raisin, star fruit, long paper, honeycomb, allspice, nougat, oak, Manilla tamarind, and chamomile

This is a medium body coffee that is thick like molasses and has a chewy coating that coats the top of your mouth 

This is a medium acidity that is had a delicate tart note that's forward tapering to a crisp complex juicy floral and spice finish

The flavors of this coffee are of earth, molasses, black cardamom, jabuticaba, toasted malt, macadamia nut shell, yucca root, dried pink grapefruit, white cranberry, brown rice, dried flat leaf parsley, frankincense, sweet lime, Manilla tamarind, and pimento 

As it cools notes of burnt tobacco, soil, cream develop making this a dirty cup with a carbon aftertaste 



The aroma of the cup is of baked black apple, black cardamom, dutch prosses cocoa powder, oak, magnolia, dried kumquat, toasted malt, white pepper, pimento

The Body is about the same as being cupped but creamier with a smooth velvety finish

The acidity is low with a juicy and sweet cream note throughout that finishes to a delicate floral 

The flavors of this cup are of bakers chocolate, creme fraiche, soil, pimento, green olive,  blood orange, allspice, white cranberry, oak, malt, brown rice, pinion, and sweet lime

I like this cup of coffee but i do not think this method helps this coffee just if you do not like high acidity and a more creamy body 


The aroma of this cup is of cigarette tobacco, cocoa nib, marionberry, allspice, malt, honeycomb, pinoin, black cardamom, and kumquat

The body of the cup is weak with a dirty and tea like consistency 

The acidity is high with a lingering crisp note that's dirty and earthy

The flavors of this are of black cardamom, dried kumquat, cocoa powder, soil, baked black apple, pinion, oak, coconut husk, toasted malt,  molasses, cigarette tobacco, sumac, and carbon

To me this method ruins this coffee but on the other hand my gramdparents like it better on the chamex so take it as you like