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Revelator Coffee Co. - Ceron

Coffee Origin
Colombia, Nariño

Coffee Species

Coffee Varietal
Caturra & Colombia

Coffee Elevation

Coffee Farm/ Producers

Coffee Roasting Date, Roaster
Revelator Coffee Co. - ???

Date Sampled

Coffee Processing


The beans have the fragrance of cocoa nib, cinnamon, dill, summer savory, mirth, asphalt, oak, caramel, concord grape, latex, molasses, grilled Erica lemon, tobacco, and sour cream

The grounds have the fragrance of jasmine, white grapefruit, Toasted cocoa nib, ash, cedar, tobacco, cinnamon, cream, turmeric, baking soda, noni and sunflower oil



The aroma of this coffee is of raisin, toasted cocoa nib, cedar, pink grapefruit, tamarind, green mango, summer savory, turmeric, jasmine, and baked green apple

This is a heavy body coffee that is thick and syrupy with a slightly rough mouthfeel and a creamy forward note

This is a high acidity that is bright and tart with a lingering dirty taste that is dry

The flavors of this coffee are of turmeric, adobo, dark chocolate, pink grapefruit, noni, red grape, baking soda, sunflower seed, magnolia honey, ash, soil, barley, tamarind, green mango, summer savory, black salt, and cinnamon 

As it cools notes of red apple and cream develop along with hints of sage, clay, and dried persimmon 



The aroma of the cup is toasted cocoa nib, cedar, red table grape, tamarind, clay, summer savory,  lard, and black apple

The body is full with a velvety and rich smooth syrupy texture throughout with a floral feel at the back

The acidity is high with a green apple tartness with white cranberry that is bright and lingering dry finish

The flavors tart green apple, cedar, noni, dill, carbon, roasted coconut husk, overripe pink grapefruit, tobacco, squash blossom, and avocado oil

I recomend using this method as it does inhances the coffees body and acidty but i do not feel the flavors were better