Coffee Reviews

Arcade Coffee Roasters - Nguvu

Coffee Origin:
Kenya, Murang'a

Coffee Species

Coffee Varietal
SL28, Ruiru 11

Coffee Elevation
1, 750 m

Coffee Farm/ Producers

Coffee Roasting Date, Roaster
Arcade Coffee Roasters - 2/18/16

Coffee Processing
Fully washed, sun dried on raised beds



The beans have the fragrance of cocoa nib, caramel, cantaloupe, roasted carrot, ground turmeric, clove stem, thyme, basmati rice, wheat germ, black walnut, chia, and honeycomb

The grounds have the fragrance of saffron, chicory, cedar, honey, candied orange, almond, wheat germ, dark chocolate, mangosteen, dragons blood, cara cara orange, turmeric, and allspice




The aroma of the coffee is of clove, almond, wheat germ, jasmine, chia, chicory, dragon's blood, frankincense, chicory, blood orange, black current, oolong, and bakers chocolate  

This is a medium body coffee that is smooth with a melted chocolate feel that is creamy and sticky

This is a high acidity coffee that is bright with a sharp forward note that has a tart lingering taste 


The flavors of this coffee are of tart cherry, cedar, bakers chocolate, all spice, turmeric, chicory, wheat germ, black walnut, mangosteen, cantaloupe, clove stem, soil, red grapefruit pith, calamondin, and vanillin

As it cools notes of vanillin, plum and butterscotch develop along with a creamy chocolate and a sour peach


French Press

Tha aroma has notes of chocolate that is very delicate, almond flour, soil, black current, honeycomb, all spice, thyme, and clove stem

The body is weak and more to a tea like consistency and is watery with a very dry finish that lingers 

The acidity is almost gone, there is some very slight hint of it but barely noticeable

The flavors of the cup are of chicory, soil, black walnut, cocoa nib, black tea leaf powder, oak, cara cara orange, bing cherry, grape leaf, asperagas water and white cranberry

I do not recomend this coffee by French Press in any way