Coffee Reviews

Rainbow Falls Hilo Coffee - 100% Hilo Coffee Estate Reserve

Coffee Origin:
Hawai’i, Hilo

Coffee Species

Coffee Varietal
Red Caturra

Coffee Elevation
125 - 183M 

Coffee Farm/ Producers
OK Farms Hawaii 

Coffee Roasting Date, Roaster
Rainbow Falls Hilo Coffee - 

Coffee Processing
Wet demucilaged



This is a ground coffee so no whole beans 

The aroma of the Grounds are of damp soil, hickory, toasted walnut, coconut husk, dried mushrooms, bing cherry, bakers chocolate, dried banana, chervil, faint raspberry, leather, black tea, white cranberry, wheat, sandalwood, lilac, and limeade 



The aroma is of pine sap, bakers chocolate, damp soil, sandalwood, Manilla tamarind, leather, baked big cherry, Meyer lemon pith, loquat, and butter

This is a weak body coffee that is tea like and has no depth or character. It is slight creamy feel in the middle but tapers fast to a dry ashy and dirty note that lingers

This is a medium acidity coffee that is crisp and juicy with a deep dark chocolate and berry feel


The flavors of this coffee are of dark chocolate, damp soil, carbon, hickory, black pepper, burnt plantain, toasted black walnut, dry black tea leaf, burnt sugar, malt, marjoram, blackberry, tobacco, and pop corn

As it cools notes of cream develop along with sweet notes of jasmine and lilac, navel orange and berry


The aroma is very delicate with notes of cocoa powder, soil, lilac, cane sugar, black sesame seed, and leather 

The body is more developed then cupping and has some chewy feel and is thick 

The acidity is higher then cupping and is more of a bright note but is still only forward then tapers to a dry and lingering feel

The flavors of the cup are of dark chocolate, sumac, barley, toasted almond, flour, black current, condensed milk, tobacco, soil, burnt cane sugar, and blood orange

This is a good methoud of bruing this coffee for flavor but not for much else


The aroma of the cup is of bakers chocolate, marionberry, damp soil, carbon, liquid smoke, tomato paste, allspice, and tamarind

The body is smooth with a delicate creamy note that is well rounded

The acidity is the same as from the french press but does not have as strong dry and lingering note it is more juicy and balanced with a sweet complexity

The flavors of the cup are of milk chocolate, soil, almond, tobacco, dry black tea leaf, chia, asparagus water, black bean, and pomelo

I would only racomend this on here if you wher out and cound not use any other devide, I do belive that it did make a better cup of coffee but the flavors whee not as good as a French Press