Coffee Reviews

Arcade Coffee Roasters - Los Congos

Coffee Origin:
Nicaragua, San Jose, San Fernando, Nueva Segovia

Coffee Species:

Coffee Varietal
Caturra & Pacamera 

Coffee Elevation
1,300 – 1,550 m

Coffee Farm/ Producers
Los Cangos

Coffee Roasting Date, Roaster
Arcade Coffee Roasters - 2/16/2016

Coffee Processing


The beans have the fragrance of bakers chocolate, licorice root, snow pea, magnolia, cork, green olive, red current, muted clove, marjoram, roasted blood orange, black tea, and soil

The grounds have the fragrance of black current, bourbon, oak, dried strawberry, cocoa nib, granola, red grapefruit, brown rice, rum soaked raisin, egg whites, cubeb berries and licorice root



The aroma of the coffee is of raisin, cocoa nibs, licorice root, black tea leaf, cracked ginger, black current, soil, sage, flaxseed, and oak

This is a full body that is smooth with a thick syrupy mouthfeel tapering to a sticky back

This is a high acidity coffee that is bright with a sharp forward then quickly to a dirty and dry finish that lingers

The flavors of this coffee are of lingonberry, cocoa nib, bottle brush, licorice root, blood orange, red current, heirloom tomato, plum, caramel, macadamia nut, star fruit, green papaya, plantain, and white cranberry

As it cools notes of vanilla, and burro banana develops along with a condensed milk

The body is very creamy and sweet as it cools with no sharp acidity but has the feel and a slight taste of hot chocolate



The aroma of the cup is of cashew, licorice root, oak, wheat, cocoa powder, soil, flaxseed, and cork

The body is weak and tea-like with none of the cupping characteristics and has a silky feel 

The acidity is still high but has mellowed out and has a sweet note like of caramel and honeycomb

The flavors of the cup are of caramel, soil, macadamia nut, Manilla mango, green papaya, white cranberry, rye, bakers cocoa, licorice root, grilled green bell pepper, buckwheat flour, and pomelo