Ruby Colorful Coffees - Rwanda Gitesi

Coffee Origin:
Rwanda, Karongi

Coffee Species

Coffee Varietal:

Coffee Elevation
1,800 M

Coffee Farm/ Producers

Coffee Roasting Date, Roaster
Ruby Colorful Coffees - 6/8/2015

Coffee Processing:


The beans have the fragrance of blood orange, celery, Manila tamarind, toast, cherimoya, ancho, bergamot, endive, cinnamon, iodized salt, dried apricot, and green olive

The grounds have the fragrance of burnt brown sugar, mole sauce, tamarind, baking soda, all spice, orange zest, cinnamon, wasabi, cherimoya, and ancho

The aroma of this coffee is of ancho, soil, tamarind, blood orange, cherimoya, yeast, red endive, green olive, anchovy, and cinnamon

This is a full body coffee with a velvety creamy mouth fell that tapers to a dry and silky fell in the back of your mouth

This is a high acidity coffee that is a sharp forward punch that is bright, lingering and rounded


The flavors of this coffee are of blood orange, red grapefruit zest, cinnamon, Manila tamarind, all spice, endive, ancho, hops, cigarette tobacco, soil, and pink salt

As it cools plum and dried mushroom develop along with huckleberry. A spice like of indian cooking blooms with a coconut milk like texture and take also

Back note of green olive, and yeast