Coffee Reviews

Square One Coffee - Uganda Mt. Elgon

Coffee Origin: 
Uganda, Mbale District

Coffee Species:

Coffee Varietal:
SL14, SL28

Coffee Elevation:
1,350 - 2,100 M

Coffee Farm/ Producers
Mt. Elgon

Coffee Roasting Date, Roaster
Square One Coffee - 5/26/2015

Coffee Processing:


The beans have the fragrance of coca powder, blue corn, dried apricot, prune, cinnamon, blanched almond, white honey, turmeric, green curry, brown mustard seed, and black sesame seeds

The grounds have the fragrance of long pepper, prune, dill sees, toasted hazelnut, roasted coca nibs, orange zest, black cardamom, cream, honey, baked cinnamon, brown butter, coconut husk, and Hungarian paprika

The aroma of this coffee is of prune, black sesame seed, bittersweet coca powder, black cardamom, blanched hazelnut, turmeric, coconut husk, lime leaf, tamarind and smoked paprika

This is a medium light body with a delicate juicy start but more of a watery consistency

This is a medium acidity with a dry, and juicy forward like an Asian Pear like feel and characteristic


This cup has the flavors of lime leaf, black cardamom, prune, cinnamon, coca powder, roasted hazelnut, paprika, yellow curry, white honey, black tea leaf, and artichoke

As it cools notes of apricot, and honey come through along with  Matcha, soil and the ever so slightest note of saffron 

Back note of dill and cream