Passion House Coffee Roasters - Guatemala Waykan

Coffee Origin: Guatemala, Huehuetenango

Coffee Species:

Coffee Varietal:
Bourbon, Typica

Coffee Elevation:
1500 - 1900 M

Coffee Farm/ Producers:

Coffee Roasting Date, Roaster
Passion House Coffee Roasters - 3/30/2015

Coffee Processing:


The beans have the fragrance of black walnut, cane sugar, kaffir lime leaf, coca powder, fennel seed, leek, rye, calimodian juice, lotus, hickory, roasted malt

The grounds have the fragrance of canned black walnut, raspberry, rye, long pepper, kaffir lime leaf, vanillin, light brown sugar, prickly pear, bottle brush, chervil, swiss chocolate, concord grape, couscous, and malt

The aroma of this coffee is of cashew, rye, malt, date, prickly pear, tart raspberry, burnt sugar, key lime zest, leek, pickled lotus, summer savory

This is a light bodied coffee that is slick with a very mellow fell that is much like a watery consistency

This is a very weak acidity coffee with a dull and unbalance tartness. It is soft with a quick and astringent juicy note


The flavors of this coffee are of leek, summer savory, toasted malt, rye, cashew butter, roasted black walnut, bleached sugar, rose water, hickory, chanterelle mushroom, cranberry, cracked ginger, and black salt

As is cools a hint of raspberry and black current come through with a notable note of coca powder and a trace of honeysuckle along with blood orange zest