Coffee Reviews

Panther Coffee - Brazil Fazenda Irmas Pereira

Coffee Origin:
Brazil, Carmo De Minas

Coffee Species:

Coffee Varietal:
Yellow Bourbon

Coffee Elevation:
1,230 M

Coffee Farm/ Producers:
Maria Valeria & Maria Rogéria

Coffee Roasting Date, Roaster
Panther Coffee - 3/30/2015

Coffee Processing
Pulped Natural


The beans have the fragrance of honeydew, bakers chocolate, summer savory, roasted pine nut, caramel, green apple, blackberry, lemon grass, turmeric, fresh wood, and leather 

The grounds have a fragrance of lamb, yucca root, nougat, bakers chocolate, sulfur, black cardamom, dried cranberry, soil, burnt sugar, Crenshaw mellon, turmeric, leather and soy sauce

The aroma of this coffee is of caramel, dark chocolate, soil, sun dried tomato, soy sauce, raisin, roasted macadamia nut, dried green apple, tamarind, madori, and leather  

This is a medium body coffee that is creamy and smooth but has a slick chewy coating. 

This is a medium low acidity coffee that is juicy with a lingering dry, dirty unbalanced cup


The flavors of this coffee are of caramel, leather, bittersweet chocolate, macadamia nut, summer savory, tobacco, soil, turmeric, taro, pink lemon, cavalier melon, and lemon grass

As it cools grilled lemon comes out with notes of vanilla, bakers chocolate, prickly pear and raspberry