Coffee Reviews

Tandem Coffee Roasters - Rwanda Kigeyo

Coffee Origin: 
Rwanda, Rutsiro

Coffee Species:

Coffee Varietal:

Coffee Elevation:
1800 - 2000 M

Coffee Farm/ Producers:
Many small producers - Kigeyo Washing Station

Coffee Roasting Date, Roaster
Tandem Coffee - 3/16/2015

Coffee Processing:
Kenya Style Double Fermentation


The beans have a fragrance of bergamot, soil, tomato leaf, bottle brush, yucca root, black tea, toast, caper, almond butter, nougat, musk, cinnamon, saffron

The grounds have the fragrance of bakers chocolate, grilled lemon, lemon cucumber, soil, burnt sugar, dried black current, roasted almond, bosk pear, thyme, magnolia and white tea

The aroma of this coffee is of molasses, grass, burnt sugar, almond flour, bergamot, oolong tea powder, soil, raisin

This is a full body coffee that is smooth with a well rounded juicy fell

This is a bright and sweet acidity that is forward giving you a lingering juicy feel tapering to a dry back note

The flavors of this coffee are of grilled lemon, almond, tahini, thyme, green pear, soil, marionberry, bergamot, bottle brush, goji, coriander, cremini mushroom, and black tea

As the coffee cools the lemon is prominent with magnolia and damp wood coming through