Coffee Reviews

1000 Faces - Costa Rica El Joaquin

Coffee Origin: Costa Rica, Cedral

Coffee Species:

Coffee Varietal:
Caturra , Catuai

Coffee Elevation:
1,500 - 1,600 M

Coffee Farm/ Producers
El Joaquin 
William Hidalgo Vindas

Coffee Roasting Date, Roaster
1000 Faces - 3/16/2015

Coffee Processing
Fully Washed


The beans have a fragrance of nougat, walnut, lemon zest, tobacco, bakers chocolate, damp wood, black cardamom, cantaloupe, hay, green papaya, roasted wheat, cream of tarter, and brown sugar

The grounds have the fragrance of tart cherry, star fruit, cream of tarter, dark chocolate, tobacco, butterscotch, germ grape, roasted hops, blanched almond, celery seed, chia, butter, citrus pulp, toasted sourdough bread

The aroma of this coffee is of chicory, molasses, burnt sugar, tamarind, date, goji, black cardamom, blanched almond, caramel, onyx coca powder, blood orange,  black tea and chia

This is a medium body coffee that is smooth and slick but has a strong tea like consistency 

This is a medium acidity coffee that is slightly tart with sweet notes like of burnt sugar and orange juice together, It tapers to a dry astringent and lingering unbalanced finish 


The flavors of this coffee are of butterscotch, blood orange, black cardamom, purple carrot, tobacco, baking soda, bakers chocolate, tamarind, celery, rubbed sage, and blanched almond

Back note of black tea

As this coffee cools cream and tomato come through along with cantaloupe, delicate notes of marshmallow and lemon zest