Parisi Artisan Coffee - KENYA RUARAI AB

Coffee Origin: Kenya, Nyeri County

Coffee Species:

Coffee Varietal:
SL-28 & SL-34

Coffee Elevation
1650 – 1700 m

Coffee Farm/ Producers
Ruthaka Farmers’ Cooperative Society Limited

Coffee Roasting Date, Roaster
Parisi Artisan Coffee - 1/19/2015

Coffee Processing:
Washed, double fermentation 


The fragrance of this coffee is of black cardamom, cumin, dried blackberry, black cherry, maraschino cherry juice, leather, black salt, bittersweet chocolate, prune, damp wood, yeast, and molasses

The grounds have the fragrance of tart cherry, bakers chocolate,  prune, maple syrup, blackberry, raspberry, paprika, red grapefruit peel, red current, and soil

The arm of this coffee is of crimson raisin, cashew, black cherry, raspberry, blackberry, soil, nougat, squash blossom, vanilla, milk chocolate

This is a full body coffee that is rounded with a chewy coating that ends to a velvety note

This is a medium body coffee that is tart with a lingering dense dry back note


The flavors of this coffee are of black cherry, black cardamom, black tea, magnolia, leather, black current, squash blossom, tobacco, caramel, red grapefruit, vanilla extract, bakers chocolate, soil and cranberry

Back note of asparagus