Spyhouse Coffee Roasters - Peru Apu

Coffee Origin: Peru, Cajamarca

Coffee Species:

Coffee Varietal:
Bourbon, Caturra, Typica

Coffee Elevation:
1,200 - 2,200 M

Coffee Farm/ Producers
CENFROCAFE cooperative

Coffee Roasting Date, Roaster
Spyhouse Coffee Roasters - 1/19/2015

Coffee Processing:


The fragrance of the beans are of bittersweet chocolate, corn husk, arugula, tobacco, wood shavings, cumin, thyme, tomato paste, black tea, magnolia, rubbed sage, black salt, and toasted hazelnut

The grounds have the fragrance of cranberry, turmeric, oro blanco grapefruit peel, dutch process coca powder, nougat, maple syrup, malt, suffer, camomile, oat, chicory, carbon, soil, and hen of the woods mushroom

The aroma of this coffee is of nugget, soil, rubbed sage, magnolia, dutch process coca powder, peach blossom, golden raisin, cream fresh, and chicory 

This is a medium body coffee that is smooth but is more a watery consistency lacking depth

This is a medium - low acidity coffee that has a delicate tart forward but is quick with a lack of vibrancy and complexity on the back


The flavors of this coffee are of dutch process coca powder, chicory, kings mushroom, white sage, chia, squash blossom, tobacco, cumin, turmeric, carbon, suffer, black cardamom, tamarind paste, iodized salt, and soy