Coffee Reviews

Klatch Coffee - Kenya Ganchatha AA

Coffee Origin:
Kenya: Neri, Othaya

Coffee Species:

Coffee Varietal
SL - 28, SL - 34

Coffee Elevation
1,750 - 1,900 M 

Coffee Farm/ Producers
Ganchatha Factory

Coffee Roasting Date, Roaster
Klatch Coffee - 6/29/2015

Coffee Processing


The beans have the fragrance of black current, raspberry, bakers chocolate, dried goji, granola, lilac, cherry blossom, yellow tea, chervil, crimson raisin, apricot, brown sugar, fuyu persimmon, star fruit, tomatillo, and prune

The grounds have the fragrance of cream, red current, rose hips, raspberry, white cranberry, dark chocolate, Rainier cherry, dried apricot, pluot, star fruit, mangosteen, black tea, oak, plume, dill, green papaya, yellow nectarine, and plantain



The aroma of this cup is of black tea, cane, prune, mangosteen, Egyptian hibiscus, blackberry, raspberry, dried cherry, oat, cabernet grape, and dried goji

This is a full body coffee that is creamy with a somewhat velvety coating that gives a silky coating

This is a high acidity that is bright and juicy with a deep complex tartness through out

The flavors of this coffee are of dried goji, blackberry, mission fig, cane sugar, pluot, plum, dill, Egyptian hibiscus, raspberry, mangosteen, star fruit, calamondin, lemon grass, red current, and yellow nectarine 

As it cools bing cherry, red apple, blood orange, lilac are now present along with a red grapefruit tartness that is over powering the ginger undertone



The aroma of the cup is of lemon grass, raspberry, cane sugar, lilac, chervil, apricot, plum, candied tangerine, and cherry blossom 

The flavors of this coffee are of blackberry, cane sugar, black tea, plum, dill, lilac, raspberry, mangosteen, lemon grass, red current, candied tangerine, oak, walnut oil, cream, and black cherry

The acidity is mellower  with a slightly dirty juicy aspect of a tartness and still a complex structure.

The body is toned down but still has that rich creamy texture that is almost velvety but now has a tea like finish that is sweet and lingering


I would recommend using the French Press for this coffee as a stand alone brew method or along with any other. This coffee is very versatile on most brewing methods