La Colombe - Yemen Marqaha

Coffee Origin:
Yemen, Haraaz

Coffee Species:

Coffee Varietal:
 Dawairi, Tuffahi, Ismaili, Jaadi

Coffee Elevation:
1,900 - 2,440 M

Coffee Farm/ Producers

Coffee Roasting Date, Roaster
La Colombe - 

Coffee Processing:
Natural and dried on raised beds



The beans have the fragrance of strawberry, concord grape, key lime, bakers chocolate, yeast, spearmint, magnolia, green apple, raspberry, dried pineapple, lily, plumeria, almond flower, cherry blossom, and leather

The grounds have the fragrance of strawberry, dark chocolate, lili, watermelon, raspberry, white pineapple, rose hips, plumeria, magnolia, red apple, condensed milk, bay leaf, Kaffir lime, and peach



The aroma of this coffee is of roasted cocoa nib, cherry blossom, rose hips, white pineapple, red apple, plumeria, watermelon rind, strawberry, raspberry and toasted almond

This is a full body coffee that starts off with a silky mouth fell then develops to a deep and rich creamy texture that is thick

This is a medium acidity coffee that is clean with a seat and tart note that is conflicting with itself making it complex and crisp

The flavors of this coffee are of tart watermelon, dried yellow pineapple, pine nut, lily, saddlewood, black apple, concord grape, cane sugar, dark chocolate, rooibos tea, blood orange, bay leaf, and rose hips

As it cools notes of cotton, raw honey, white nectarine, Rainer cherry, biscotti, oak, red grape, and star fruit develop along with a present sweetness



The aroma of the cup is of letter, malt, raspberry, strawberry, sundried tomato, chervil, saddlewood, black apple, black tea, and walnut

The flavors are of black apple, strawberry, rhubarb, raspberry, bakers chocolate, green apple, dill, chia, watermelon, and rooibos tea

The body is very weak like it is watery or tea like and the acidity is almost not present and what there happens to be is lingering with a dry astringent chalky after taste


I would not recommend using the french press for this coffee ever 


The aroma is of dates, rose hips, strawberry, raspberry, watermelon rind, cane sugar, saddlewood, talk chocolate, sumac, and black apple

The flavors of the cup are of watermelon, star fruit, strawberry, bakers chocolate, black apple, lime zest, saddlewood, rose hips, rooibos tea, orange blossom, and Rainer cherry

The acidity is high bringing out more of the citrus and juicy complexities along with subtle sweet and crisp notes. The body is full with a velvety mouth fell and a deep creamy texture