Akamai Coffee Co. - Yellow Brick Road

Coffee Origin:
Hawai’i, Maui

Coffee Species:

Coffee Varietal:
Yellow Caturra

Coffee Elevation:

Coffee Farm/ Producers

Coffee Roasting Date, Roaster
Akamai Coffee Co. - 7/20/2015

Coffee Processing




The beans have the fragrance of tobacco, ash, saddlewood, musk, leather, dutch process chocolate, fish sauce, fermented longon, cinnamon, molasses, and damp asphalt 

The grounds have the fragrance of dutch process chocolate, soil, cinnamon, cork, sulfur, long pepper, chipotle, dried fig, black walnut, toffee, and prune

The aroma of this coffee is of prune, onyx cocoa powder, carbon, toasted almond, cinnamon, honey suckle, saddlewood, dried oolong tea, and musk

This is a light body coffee with a tea like consistency and a creamy texture

This is a medium acidity coffee that is dry, dirty, and lingering with an unbalanced structure

The flavors of this cup are of ash, tobacco, damp soil, nougat, saddlewood, ash, dutch process cocoa powder, toasted almond, oak, hay, and russet potato skin

As it cools notes of damp soil, ash and hickory are over powering of any undertones that are there



The aroma of the cup is of sumac, toasted almond, plum, swiss chocolate, white corn, and tobacco

The flavors of the cup are of plum, caramel, ash, dutch process cocoa powder, 

Using the french press brings out or acidity and a sharper forward note with spice but is still dry and lingering. The body is much creamer and smoother with a velvety mouthfeel at first but tapering to a rough fell


This is an ok method but this is probably best as an espresso