Coffee Reviews

Portola Coffee Lab - Burundi Heza Lot 1

Coffee Origin:
Burundi, Matongo Commune, Kayanza Province

Coffee Species

Coffee Varietal

Coffee Elevation
1,900 - 2,000 M

Coffee Farm/ Producers
various small holder producers

Coffee Roasting Date, Roaster
Portola Coffee Lab - 9/14/2015

Coffee Processing
fully washed



The beans have the fragrance of dried apricot, toasted coca nib, caraway seed, celery, bergamot, oak, letter, vanilla bean, date, buckwheat, back apple, yellow yea, green grape, and almond water

The grounds have the fragrance of celery seed, oak, soil, black current, magnolia, bergamot, burnt sugar, onyx cocoa powder, vanilla bean, black apple, iodine, carrot, blood orange, dried raspberry, chamomile, cashew, and granola

The aroma of this coffee is of maple, black apple, walnut, celery seed, bergamot, oak, green grape, golden raisin, apricot jam, camomile, and yellow tea

This is medium body coffee that has a well rounded feel but is slick and has a rough coating. 

This is a high acidity with a strong tart forward that is lingering and dirty of earth


The flavors of this coffee are of tart red apple, oak, red current, celery, green papaya, raw green squash, soil, tannin, leather, iodine, caramel, Eureka lemon

As it cools notes sweet vanillin and slight notes of melted chocolate develop but still has a sharp and wanted taste