Coffee Reviews

Ruby Coffee Roasters - Guatemala Consuelo

Coffee Origin:

Guatemala; Cuilco, Huehuetenango

Coffee Species

Coffee Varietal
Bourbon and Caturra

Coffee Elevation
1,650 M

Coffee Farm/ Producers
Ernesto and Jorge Perez

Coffee Roasting Date, Roaster
Ruby Coffee Roasters - 9/14/2015

Coffee Processing
fully washed


The beans have the fragrance of malt, yeast, mint, red apple, all spice, Meyer lemon, red grapefruit zest, bottle brush, licorice root, watered cinnamon stick, lemon grass, curry, and coca powder

The grounds have the fragrance of licorice root, malt, cashew, chervil, black cherry, bottle bush, marshmallow, turmeric, lemon grass, red grapefruit, juniper berry, all spice, and bergamot 

The aroma of this cup is of dark chocolate, all spice, cherub berry, bottle brush, raisin, malt, cashew, lemon zest, tobacco, cinnamon, licorice root, and curry

This is a medium body coffee that is slick with a juicy quality but has a consistency of tea

This is a high acidity coffee that is bright with a lingering dry structure and a dull unbalanced complexity


The flavor of this coffee is of dill, lemon grass, raw squash, cashew, magnolia, cherub berry, bergamot, yeast, tobacco, licorice root, all spice, caramel, dried cherry, and tomato juice

As it cools notes of cream, tobacco, chocolate covered acai berry, and Mexican papaya

Back note of dry green tea leaf and green olive