Coffee Reviews

Populace Coffee - Kenya Muchagara

Coffee Origin: Kenya; Gichugu Division, Kirinyaga

Coffee Species

Coffee Varietal
SL-28, SL-34, Ruiru 11, and Batian

Coffee Elevation
1,550 - 1,750 M

Coffee Farm/ Producers
1,400 small holder producers

Coffee Roasting Date, Roaster

Coffee Processing
fully washed



The beans have the fragrance of malt, wheat, dried habanero, cumin, caramel, citron, basil, tobacco, roasted black walnut, can, sun dried tomato, honey suckle, clove, bottle brush, and molasses 

The grounds have the fragrance of brown sugar, clove, tart yellow cherry, cinnamon, jalapeno, citron, malt, basil, honey suckle, milk chocolate, mission fig, walnut, and bottle brush

The aroma of this cup is of caramel, light brown sugar, bottle brush, cashew, mission fig, malt, crimson raisin, dried habanero, oak, cumin, and citron

This is a week body coffee with a silky tea like consistency 

This is a light acidity coffee that is juicy with a delicate and muted tartness that is reminiscent of a dry blood orange


The flavors of this coffee are of bottle brush, caramel, bottle brush, cashew, tobacco, clove, molasses, black tea, hibiscus, dried habanero, endive, and oak

At a new time of 5 minutes a complex citrus note of sweet lemon is dominant 

As it cools the flavors dissipate and a mellow cities and creamy flavor is dominant with a creamy texture